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A crawl space is a small space beneath a home typically used to access plumbing, electrical and other systems. It is usually only a few feet high and can be accessed through a small opening in the foundation.

Improved air quality: Crawl spaces are located beneath the home, meaning that air from the crawl space is not circulated throughout the home. This provides an excellent opportunity to improve the air quality of the home, as it is not exposed to any airborne pollutants or allergens.

More efficient heating and cooling: Crawl spaces are naturally insulated from the outside environment. This means that they can help to keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, allowing for more efficient heating and cooling.

Protection from flooding: Crawl spaces are built above the ground, meaning that they are better protected from flooding than basements or other areas of the home.

Easier maintenance: Crawl spaces are much easier to access and maintain than basements or other areas of the home. This makes them a great option for homeowners who want to keep on top of maintenance without having to go down into a basement or other difficult-to-reach areas.

Our process begins with a detailed inspection of your crawl space. We will assess the condition of your crawl space by taking moisture readings, and air moisture readings, visual and probing inspecting in all areas of the crawl space. You are provided with photos and detailed sketch and tailed solution.

YES all of the products are warrantied and vary by product or service. 

Yes, we will remove any debris, fungal material, or anything that would puncture a new liner. This includes any standing water, damaged insulation, and debris that may have accumulated over time. Our team will use specialized equipment to ensure that all areas of your crawl space are safe and up to code.

YES, we will install a sump system if necessary. A sump system is an essential component of any crawl space encapsulation system because it helps to remove excess water and prevent flooding. Our team will install a reliable sump system that will keep your crawl space dry even during heavy rainfalls.

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